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I'm a Web Developer that loves to write code. I create games and web apps personally and professionally. ReactJS is my favorite library in the world! I love discussing startup plans and sharing my lessons learned over my career. Get in touch if any of my experiences can help you.

I live on a cattle ranch in the hills east of San Jose, CA. I raise my own chickens, and love the outdoors as much as coding. When my college soccer captain and good buddy suggested I spend 6 months with him being a cowboy, I took the sign of my VC backed video game company shutting the doors to mean 'go do it'. I've run with the buffalo on horseback, gathering 100,000 acres with 30 other cowboys and cowgirls, and love reciting cowboy poetry to campfires of people. My two greatest passions are what makes me a coding cowboy.

I've worked in start-ups with foci in financial services, risk analysis, gaming, healthcare, and identity management in roles from founder to Fullstack Rails Engineer. I’ve seen successes and failures and learned how the best teams work together in lean and agile ways to win. I enjoy working with individuals to make the people and components of a project come together as a team with a successful outcome.


Calaveras Creek Due Diligence App

This company-centric web application allows investors to manage multiple due diligence workflows at once. A single investor might make angel investments, work for a venture group, and consult with other venture groups simultaneously. Rather than maintain three sets of documents, correspondences, and workflows, Calaveras Creek provides investors a way to manage a single company from moment of contact through the investment lifecycle.

Technologies Used:

  • React/Javascritpt(es5)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SASS
  • Bootstrap
  • Sendgrid
  • Paperclip w/ Amazon Web Services


The group of venture capitalists is currently raising a fund and refining the company story and fundraising pitch. The brochure style website is their first web presence.

I created the website with a Rails backend to allow for future incorporatation of CMS (content management system) functionality - adding, editing, and deleting content. I chose ReactJS for the frontend for the ease of use and the SEO optimzations that the React virtual DOM provides over other javascript frameworks.


HearTapp is a heart rate widget. The user feels their pulse and 'taps' the pulse along with the beat. Once the user taps within an accuracy range, summary of results are shown.

Why is it cool? Doctors and nurses administering the Neonatal Resuscitation Protocol will feel the newborn's umbilical heart rate and 'tap' it out so that the resuscitation team has a ballpark idea of the heart rate in beats per minute.

Remember playing Guitar Hero? Did you ever have to calibrate the guitar? Same concept, different application. The human brain has an amazing ability to lock on to and accurately communicate a repetitive signal. Go ahead and check it out!


Flappy Dragon Game

Deep in the heart of the Andromeda Galaxy, one dragon flaps alone...

A clone of the popular Flappy Bird, this singleplayer javascript game utilizes a rails backend and deployed with heroku. If you can topple my nephew's high score, I'll be pretty impressed.

Flappy Dragon Game Image
MineSweeper Game

Enjoy MineSweeper, a timeless classic that pairs logic with luck. Deduce the locations of bombs, and turn over your safe tiles en route to clearing the mine field.

This game was built with ReactJS. Beat your oponents best times to lay claim to the MineSweeper throne.

Minesweeper Game Image


This is Battleship! Place your ships and prepare to launch as the battle for the oceans begins. Sink your opponent's ships by guessing the right tiles, sink all five and be crowned captain of the seas.

This node.js game requies two players to demo. Background image created with Photoshop (by following this tutorial). Enjoy! And let me know how you like this clone!

Battleship Game Image


Software Development

I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to code AS A PROFESSION! If (in some alernate and cruel universe,) I didn't get to code professionally, I would do it as a hobby. I tell my friends and family it reminds me of being a kid and getting to build legos all day or forts in the woods.

I launched a site for my cousin who plays in a Jazz Band, and I'm developing an app to track the eggs my chickens are laying.


There's not much more thrilling that tearing up the mountain after a fresh snow. Nothing more fun that spending a beautiful day outdoors with your friends.


Watching chicken TV is hands down the best station to watch. We have 8 laying hens, so we enjoy fresh eggs daily. Here's their pretty little home built with leftovers from a barn.


There's something special about living off the land. From chickens, to cattle, to our ever expanding garden, it's a beautiful life. I don't ride a whole lot anymore, and I miss the fun of it, but what I miss the most is the relationships I had with the two horses in my string: Brutus (left - video riding) and Big Paint (right - fall photo).